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Eric Silver

Chief Creative Officer & Founder / Silver + Partners


Eric started out working as a writer at Chiat Day before moving to Portland to work on NIKE and ESPN at Wieden and Kennedy. From there he took a job as a staff writer on the Late Show with David Letterman. After submitting a Top 10 list of reasons Conan’s show was funnier, he decided to accept a position as Creative Director at Cliff Freeman and Partners. According to the Gunn report, it was the most awarded agency in the world during that five-year period. As Executive Creative Director at BBDO, Eric worked on FedEx, Monster, and BBC. Work for all three clients was selected to Adweek’s Best of the Decade list.

Eric has spent the last four years running his own agency in Manhattan, Silver + Partners. Along with appearing in Mashable a dozen times for their social efforts and creating three Super Bowl commercials, the agency was also named to Ad Age’s prestigious Ones to Watch / A list. 

In addition to being inducted into the AAF Hall of Achievement, his work has won every major creative award several times over, including the including the Grand Prix at Cannes.

In his free time, Eric enjoys hanging out with his two teen daughters and spends the rest of his time contemplating how he can be old enough to have two teen daughters. 


Nike - "The Wall"

Miller - High Life Campaign

Guinness - "Surfer"

Levi's - "Drugstore"

Apple - "Mac vs PC" Campaign

Honda - "Grrr"

Coca Cola - "It's mine"

All of Janet Champ’s NIKE WOMENS’ PRINT<br />
All of Janet Champ’s NIKE WOMENS’ PRINT<br />
All of Janet Champ’s NIKE WOMENS’ PRINT<br />
All of Janet Champ’s NIKE WOMENS’ PRINT<br />
All of Janet Champ’s NIKE WOMENS’ PRINT<br />

All of Janet Champ’s NIKE WOMENS’ PRINT

Nike - "The Jogger"

Bud Light - "Real Men of Genius" Radio Commercials

Oh The Places You’ll Go<br />Photo credit: Wikipedia

Oh The Places You’ll Go

Dr. Seuss

Outliers<br />photo credit: Wikipedia


Malcolm Gladwell

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs

Chuck Klosterman

Consider the Lobster<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

Consider the Lobster

David Foster Wallace

A Man in Full<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

A Man in Full

Tom Wolfe

Steve Jobs<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson

A Reporter's Life<br />photo credit: Goodreads

A Reporter's Life

Walter Cronkite

Middlesex<br />photo credit: Wikipedia


Jeffrey Eugenides

The Beatles: The Biography<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

The Beatles: The Biography

Bob Spitz

Moneyball<br />photo credit: Wikipedia


Michael Lewis

Miller's Crossing

Boogie Nights

Sunset Boulevard

The Graduate


Barry Lyndon

Citizen Kane

Punch Drunk Love

Bob Le Flambeur

The Fog of War

MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art, New York<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art, New York

MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Anywhere on vacation with my kids<br />
Anywhere on vacation with my kids

Anywhere on vacation with my kids

Hawaii<br />


San Francisco<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
San Francisco

San Francisco

Cancún<br />photo credit:


Portland, Oregon<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Prague, Czech Republic<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

The Great Wall of China<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Tel Aviv<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Reykjavík, Iceland<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík, Iceland

Radiohead<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Radiohead
Jimi Hendrix<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Jimi Hendrix
Stanley Kubrick<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Stanley Kubrick
David Hockney<br />photo credit: Wikipedia David Hockney
Pavement<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Pavement
The Coen Brothers<br />photo credit: Wikipedia The Coen Brothers
Edward Hopper<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Edward Hopper
Banksy<br />photo credit: Banksy
The Clash<br />photo credit: Wikipedia The Clash
Ricky Gervais<br />photo credit: Ricky Gervais

Nike Livestrong - "Chalkbot"

Google Streetview<br />

Google Streetview

Volkswagen - "Fun Theory"

Flipboard<br />


Old Spice - "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" Responses

Burger King - "Subservient Chicken"<br />

Burger King - "Subservient Chicken"

Diesel SFW XXX

Charleston style + Daft Punk “Around the World”

Newcastle Brown Ale - "If we made it..."

Every version of iPhone<br />photo credit:

Every version of iPhone