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Johnny Tan

Chief Creative Officer / BBH China


Johnny started his career in 1997 after graduating from Art Center College of Design. He cut his teeth at BBDO New York.

In 2003, he became creative director at Y&R New York where he helped the agency win multiple accounts and creative awards. He was a member of the creative council that spearheaded New York’s bid for the 2012 Olympics.

In 2005, he made a move to Asia to become Executive Creative Director at BBDO China. In 2006, he became Executive Creative Director at BBH China where he remains today as Chief Creative Officer.

In his career, Johnny has won multiple awards at Cannes Lions, One Show, D&AD, Art Directors Club, CLIOS, LIAA, AICP, Webby awards, New York Festivals, Spikes Asia and AdFest.

He helped BBH win 2008 Media Magazine’s Independent Agency of the Year, 2009 Media Magazine Agency of the Year and 2009 AdAge China agency of the Year.

His Johnnie Walker campaign, “Yulu”, was voted the top campaign for 2011 by Campaign Asia. It also achieved something unprecedented. It was officially selected in 5 international film festivals.

In 2014, Johnny won the prestigious AME Green Awards for his work for WWF. A fervent believer that the power of creativity can help change the world, Johnny has helped win the rare 2014 Cannes Chimera award.

He has served on juries of several major award shows including D&AD and Cannes Lions.

Beyond advertising, Johnny is also a proficient filmmaker, an obsessed runner, a culinary enthusiast and teacher.


Volkswagen - "Snow Plow"

Pepsi - "Security Camera"

Xbox - "Play More"

John West - "Bear"

Levi's - "Odyssey"

Unif Green Tea - "Worms"

Playstation - "Mountain"

The Guardian - "Points of View"

McDonald's - "Baby"

Lynx - "Getting Dresses"

On the Road<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

On the Road

Jack Kerouac

Astonishing the Gods<br />photo credit:

Astonishing the Gods

Ben Okri

In the Name of Rome: The Men Who Won the Roman Empire<br />photo credit:

In the Name of Rome: The Men Who Won the Roman Empire

Adrian Goldsworthy

Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint<br />photo credit:

Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint

Christopher Witt

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything<br />photo credit:

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Ken Robinson

The Geography of Thought<br />photo credit:

The Geography of Thought

Richard Nisbett

David and Goliath<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

David and Goliath

Malcolm Gladwell

Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!)<br />photo credit:

Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!)

George Lois

The Moral Animal<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

The Moral Animal

Robert Wright

Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business

Jon Steel

The Deer Hunter

Léon: The Professional

Devils on the Doorstep

The Exorcist

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Life Is Beautiful

The Godfather

Dead Poets Society

Thank You for Smoking

A Touch of Sin

Four Seasons, Maui, Hawaii<br />photo credit:
Four Seasons, Maui, Hawaii

Four Seasons, Maui, Hawaii

Sugiyama Restaurant, New York City<br />photo credit:
Sugiyama Restaurant, New York City

Sugiyama Restaurant, New York City

Dickwella, Sri Lanka<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Dickwella, Sri Lanka

Dickwella, Sri Lanka

Paris, France<br />photo credit:
Paris, France

Paris, France

New York City<br />
New York City

New York City

Cuba<br />photo credit:


Boracay, Philippines<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Boracay, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant, Tokyo<br />photo credit:
Ninja Akasaka Restaurant, Tokyo

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant, Tokyo

Mykonos, Greece<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Santorini, Greece<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Ashley Wood<br />photo credit: Ashley Wood
Eiko Ishioka<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Eiko Ishioka
Banksy<br />photo credit: Banksy
Tadao Ando<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Tadao Ando
Thierry Mugler<br />photo credit: Thierry Mugler
KAWS<br />photo credit: KAWS
Santiago Calatrava<br />photo credit: Santiago Calatrava
Issey Miyake<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Issey Miyake
John Coltrane<br />photo credit: John Coltrane
Chet Baker<br />photo credit: Chet Baker

Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign

Tourism Queensland - "Best Job in the World"

Marc Ecko - "Tagging Air Force One"

Terre des Hommes - "Sweetie"

The Metropolitan Police: Anti-Knife Crime Campaign - "Choose a different ending"

Oasis - "Dig Out Your Soul | In The Streets"

HBO - "Voyeur"

Dove - "Real Beauty Sketches"

T-Mobile - "Life's for Sharing" Liverpool Street Station Flash Mob

Oreo - "Daily Twist"