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Kash Sree

Creative Director


"It’s hard to write about yourself without sounding like an egotistical idiot. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in 4 continents and a sub continent. Starting in England, going to Singapore, India, Singapore again, Australia, then the USA (where I’ve been since 97). I have worked in some good and not so good agencies. But I’ve learned from all of them. Sometimes painfully.

I’m quite stupid, so when people tell me this is a really bad agency and you’ll never get good work out, I think "but what if I can?". And when I’m in really good agencies and people have said all their best work is behind them, I think "but what if it isn’t?".

This isn’t a proper bio, is it? I should be saying stuff like I was the CCO at SSK. Or the ECD at Pereira O’Dell when they became small agency of the year. Or an ECD at JWT when they were turning things around under Ty Montague. Or GCD at BBH New york where we helped turn things around on Vaseline. 

I guess one of my luckiest and most notable periods was when I was a writer at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland for 5 years.

I think that’s more bio like now. I hope so.

Was it too egotistical? Probably."


Nike - "If You Let Me Play"

See video Blackcurrant Tango - "St. George"

Johnnie Walker - "Android"

Sony / Target - "Little Marina"

PlayStation - "Double Life"

Sony Bravia - "Balls"

Mercedes-Benz - "Skid Marks"<br />photo credit:

Mercedes-Benz - "Skid Marks"

Fox Sports - "Live the Game" (Alan and Jerome)

McDonald's - "Lolo"

Honda - "Cog"

Diary<br />photo credit: Wikipedia


Chuck Palahniuk

Steve Jobs<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson

Fox in Socks<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

Fox in Socks

Dr. Seuss

Predatory Thinking: A Masterclass in Out-Thinking the Competition<br />

Predatory Thinking: A Masterclass in Out-Thinking the Competition

Dave Trott

Making Ideas Happen<br />photo credit:

Making Ideas Happen

Scott Belsky

Life<br />photo credit: Wikipedia


Keith Richards

American Psycho<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

American Psycho

Bret Easton Ellis

The Tipping Point<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

The Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell

Dieter Rams: As Little Design as Possible<br />photo credit:

Dieter Rams: As Little Design as Possible

Jonathan Ive, Klaus Kemp & Sophie Lovell

Lullaby<br />photo credit: Wikipedia


Chuck Palahniuk

Seven Samurai

Kill Bill


Rumble Fish

Notting Hill

The Cove

Food Inc.

Enter the Dragon

The Way of the Dragon

The Shining

Theddlethorpe Beach, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom<br />photo credit:
Theddlethorpe Beach, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Theddlethorpe Beach, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Portland, Oregon<br />photo credit:
Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop, Evanston, Illinois<br />photo credit: Facebook/Dixie Kitchen
Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop, Evanston, Illinois

Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop, Evanston, Illinois

Cayman Islands<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

Hong Kong<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Whale Beach - New South Wales, Australia<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Whale Beach - New South Wales, Australia

Whale Beach - New South Wales, Australia

Just about any cinema<br />photo credit:
Just about any cinema

Just about any cinema

City Wing Tsun, New York<br />photo credit:
City Wing Tsun, New York

City Wing Tsun, New York

Barcelona, Spain<br />photo credit:
Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Tokyo, Japan<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Andrew Goldsworthy<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Andrew Goldsworthy
Björk<br /> Björk
Sheperd Fairey<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Sheperd Fairey
Banksy<br />photo credit: Banksy
David Bowie<br />photo credit: David Bowie
Jonathan Ive<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Jonathan Ive
Koichiro Tanaka<br />photo credit: Koichiro Tanaka
Brian Eno<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Brian Eno
Andreas Gursky<br />photo credit: Andreas Gursky
Radiohead<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Radiohead

UNIQLO - "Uniqlock"

Nike+<br />


Nike Livestrong - "Chalkbot"

Intel & Toshiba - "The Beauty Inside"

Bing & Jay-Z - "Decoded"

Västtrafik - The Tram Sightseeing App

Burger King - "Whopper Sacrifice"

Sony / Target - "Little Marina"

Red Bull Stratos

Google Maps<br />

Google Maps