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Valerie Cheng

Chief Creative Officer / JWT Singapore


Valerie stumbled into advertising, starting the first 10 years of her career in digital but has since evolved to do more brand building, integrated creative solutions for major brands such a Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble, Singapore Airlines, HSBC, Burger King, VISA, Singapore Tourism Board, Tiger Beer, and many others.

In 2010, Valerie was made the first female chairperson in the history of the Creative Circle Awards Singapore and went on to judge at Spikes Asia 2011, Cannes Lions 2011, D&AD 2012, Clio 2013 and London International Awards 2013. She has most recently been invited to judge at Cannes 2014 on their Cyber panel.

Over the years, she has made her mark at Cannes, One Show, London International, Effies, Golden Drum, Spikes Asia, Adfest and the Webby’s. Under her leadership, JWT Singapore picked up the Best Of Show award, at Creative Circle Awards 2012. That same night, they were also awarded Digital Agency of The Year and the Grand Prix for Digital/Mobile.

For all her achievements, she was awarded Singapore’s first Digital Creative Director of The Year award at the 2011 Advertising Hall of Fame event and she continued to defend this title again in 2012. She has also been voted by IAS as one of Singapore's Most Influential CD for 2011, 2012 and 2013.


Guinness - "Sapeurs"

Nike - "Find Your Greatness"

Volkswagen - "Fun Theory"

Metro Trains Melbourne - "Dumb Ways to Die"

Old Spice - "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like"

Dove - "Real Beauty Sketches"

Tourism Queensland - "Best Job in the World"

American Express - "Small Business Saturday"

Burger King - "Whopper Virgins"

P&G - "Thank you, Mom"

A Fine Balance<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

A Fine Balance

Rohinton Mistry

The Kite Runner<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

The Kite Runner

Khaled Hosseini

The White Tiger<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

The White Tiger

Aravind Adiga

Into the Wild<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

Into the Wild

Jon Krakauer

Yasmin How You Know?<br />photo credit:

Yasmin How You Know?

Orked binti Ahmad

Life of Pi<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

Life of Pi

Yann Martel

To Kill a Mockingbird<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee

 From Third World to First: The Singapore Story<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

From Third World to First: The Singapore Story

Lee Kuan Yew

What the Dog Saw<br />photo credit: Wikipedia

What the Dog Saw

Malcolm Gladwell

Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules<br />photo credit:

Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules

John Hegarty

There Will Be Blood

The King's Speech

The Lord of the Rings

The Exorcist

The Hurt Locker

Lust, Caution

Brokeback Mountain

The Pianist

Dallas Buyers Club

Million Dollar Baby

Maldives<br />photo credit:


Sri Lanka<br />photo credit:
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Tokyo, Japan<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Hong Kong<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hawaii<br />


Italy<br />


Bali<br />photo credit: Wikipedia


Phuket, Thailand<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

New York<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
New York

New York

Barcelona, Spain<br />photo credit:
Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Queen / Freddie Mercury<br />photo credit: Queen / Freddie Mercury
Michael Jackson<br />photo credit: Michael Jackson
Gorillaz<br />photo credit: Gorillaz
Bob Marley<br />photo credit: Bob Marley
Frankie Valli<br />photo credit: Frankie Valli
Coldplay<br />photo credit: Coldplay
Pharrell Williams<br />photo credit: Pharrell Williams
Karl Lagerfeld<br />photo credit: Karl Lagerfeld
Coco Chanel<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Coco Chanel
Ang Lee<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Ang Lee

Volvo - "The Epic Split feat. Van Damme"

Nike+<br />


Nike FuelBand<br />

Nike FuelBand

Burger King - "Whopper Sacrifice"

Skittles - "Touch the Rainbow" / Cat Lick

Doritos - "Hotel 626"

Pedigree - "Doggelganger"

Oreo - "Daily Twist"

Terre des Hommes - "Sweetie"

Intel & Toshiba - "The Beauty Inside"